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Environmentally Friendly: Guck Busters is committed to the environment and only uses 100% certified non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning agents. We provide the following services; pressure washing, power washing, gum removal, building maintenance, commercial, residential quotes, window cleaning,sidewalk cleaning, strip malls, request-a-quote, mobile cleaning services, book online + more.

Gum Removal

We’ve all seen the black wads of gum often mistaken for tar which cover our property’s sidewalks. Whether it’s a city sidewalk, retail store front, movie theater or a restaurant: chewed gum is everywhere you look. It is an eyesore for your property and left unattended, it turns to ugly black dots and a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. It will eventually find its way into your home or business. While it is impossible to stop folks from littering their gum on your property, you can NOW effectively remove it!

Guck Busters uses the most powerful & innovative chewing gum removal techniques in the industry. We eliminate the ongoing problem of chewing gum where even the blackest, stickiest wads that have been stuck on hard surfaces for 20 plus years are dissolved within seconds.

We provide an exclusive gum removal service using a low pressure, high temperature steam cleaning method originally developed in Europe. Other chewing gum removal methods without built in extractors/vacuums leave the gum residue on the surface or just spread it around to other areas. When our Unique gum removal machines are used in combination with our traditional hot & cold water pressure washing methods, Guck Busters can provide the most satisfying service available to keep your property’s sidewalks free from chewing gum litter.

Gum Removal Process:

Our exclusive gum removal process is done by first treating the gum spots with up to 320°F dry steam. This helps soften the gum and release its hold on the surface, then a gentle agitation works to liquefy the gum. Lastly, the excess dirt and residue is sucked up with the machines vacuum and disposed of to eliminate it from spreading or being a problem in the future.

We only use 100% non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning agents that are free of harmful chemicals so you can feel good about keeping our environment safe.

Sidewalk Cleaning

In addition to the build-up of natural dirt and grime, sidewalks are constantly subject to staining by spilled soda, coffee, leaking garbage cans and gum. Naturally the longer these stains sit there, the more difficult the task will be to remove them later on. If they are allowed to sit and penetrate the surface for too long, eventually your only option will be a very costly sidewalk replacement.

Sidewalk cleaning consists of: Our gum removal steaming process and hot water pressure washing which targets the removal of the dirt, mildew, algae and excess debris left behind. Routine pressure washing services help maintain a clean appearance for your shopping center, hotel entry, restaurant, office building, downtown storefront and other high pedestrian traffic areas.

We offer this premier service for any day or night, on either a job-to-job basis or as one of our routinely scheduled preventative maintenance packages!